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Concrete Driveways Perth
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Head-turning Polished Concrete Driveways in Perth

Longevity of your driveway

A concrete driveway will usually serve and remain functional for 25 to almost 50 years. It can depend on a few circumstances, such as:

  • How well it is prepared
  • The amount of traffic on it and
  • How good it is maintained
  • The elemental composition of the constituents
The Pros of Polished Concrete Driveways

The benefits of a Polished concrete driveway include:

  • It is comparatively affordable to other solutions.
  • A polished concrete driveway is extremely durable.
  • It is tough and with decent support and foundation; can endure the heaviest vehicles.
Types of Sealer

Like it is said, earlier, concrete driveways require annual sealing for an extra layer of protection. There are innumerable pores on concrete through which moisture, dirt and snow can easily penetrate. This will weaken the slab often resulting in cracks and holes. There are many different types of sealers available in the market such as:

  • Acrylic sealers
  • Epoxy sealers
  • Penetrating sealers
  • Polyurethane sealers
  • Poly-aspartic sealers

Choosing the right sealer will guarantee durability and longevity along with great aesthetics.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the right sort of sealer for concrete driveways Perth can be difficult if you dont understand the circumstances to examine. These are:

  • Gloss level: There are many gloss levels such as matte, semi and high-shine. It is a good idea to have a low-gloss level as too much shine can annoy a driver.
  • Amount of Traffic: The usage of the driveway will decide the kind of sealer to use. For heavy vehicle traffic, use permanent sealers.
  • Slip-resistance: Pick a slip-resistant sealer, so it is safe for driving on. Flawless concrete polishing Perth has driveways that come with fine aggregates that give it more grip. If your driveway has been resurfaced with coatings and overlays, then the sealer doesn’t have to be non-slip.
  • Protection: This part is also essential to keep your driveway shielded from oil, grime, tyres, rain, sunlight, and other elements.

Get in touch with Flawless Concrete Polishing for your concrete driveways Perth. We will give you free advice and guidance if you are uncertain about the most suitable sealer to select for your driveway.

Concrete Driveways Perth

Picking the Correct Driveway

For selecting the best type for your home driveway from gravel, bitumen and concrete driveways, there are a few circumstances that you may consider. These are your budget, the climatic conditions, strength, volume and type of traffic and continuous maintenance.


If you are considering short-term, then the upfront Concrete Driveway cost Perth will be the main factor to decide. Asphalt is the best option for short-term. Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth do not provide this option.


For long-term; asphalt not beneficial as it will need a lot of ongoing maintenance. It is most desirable to invest in a concrete driveway, even though the initial cost will be more expensive, but you will save a lot of costs in the long run.


Aside from that, you must acknowledge the side effects of owning a concrete driveway in your residence or commercial property and how it will appear when it ages. Concrete Driveways Perth can be a stunning addition to your home provided you maintain it.

Very well priced and extremely friendly team. I cannot recommend Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth enough. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and they made they made the whole process of getting a new polished concrete floor a breeze! Thank you so much guys.
James Bennet
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