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A beautiful looking, low maintenance finish that is extremely scratch resistant. Suitable for new or renovated homes, office space, factories, warehouses and high traffic areas.

Concrete polishing Perth
Polished Concrete Perth
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Why should you choose Concrete Polishing Perth?

Polished concrete is widely considered the best sustainable design in flooring options. Because, it utilises the materials that are already present. Many buildings today are constructed on a concrete slab. When the concrete is polished, the energy and material consumed by installing a floor covering is eliminated. It is definitely  an option to consider when moving towards a more eco-friendly solution. Polished concrete floors Perth are hassle-free, as they are more durable and easier to clean than many flooring options. The best low-maintenance flooring in Perth!

Polished concrete restoration

Concrete Polishing became more and more popular in Perth throughout the nineties and has only become more popular since. Many of these floors around the Perth Metropolitan area, require concrete polishing restoration. These floors can be transformed into their former glory with the help of Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth. Our experts are fully qualified at restoring these floors in both large and small residential and commercial areas. We even do Concrete Driveways Perth. 

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The Concrete Polishing Process

In 10 simple steps
  • Grind to achieve a consistent finish and remove marks
  • Grouting to remove small holes and imperfections
  • Application of hardener with special tools
  • Remove remaining Hardener using coarse polishing pads
  • Apply second coat of Hardener – wait for drying
  • Remove Hardener with semi-coarse grit pad
  • Additional coating of Hardener if needed
  • Removal of Hardener with finer polish pad
  • Concrete Polish with 400, 800, 1500 or 3000 to achieve desired finish eg. matte or gloss.
  • Application coat of Enhancer – Wait to dry then polish off remaining Enhancer

These steps are essential to the final product. Flawless Concrete Polishing guarantee the use of high excellent polishing pads and grinding equipment to get the job done professionally.

Concrete Floor Polishing Perth

Top reasons for choosing polished concrete for your flooring needs:

honed concrete floor is now widely accepted as one of the most sustainable flooring options in the world. The main reason, it uses materials that are currently present in a building or home. Polished concrete uses the exposed concrete slab that the home or building is made on. 

You don’t need to waste time and energy adding more materials to install new flooring. If you really want to help the earth and make an environmentally conscious choice when it comes to flooring, eco-friendly polished concrete is the floor for you.

The ecological benefits of polished concrete also make it one of the best cost-friendly flooring options available. 

Using concrete that already remains within the building means that you do not have to outlay a lot of money or spend time choosing and installing a brand-new floor. With the concrete already present, you can just let Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth get to work! 

We all know, installing wooden floors or tiles can be super costly. It can result in a big hit to your budget. If you only have a small budget dedicated to flooring, the low polished concrete cost Perth will give you the best result.

Some Concrete floors can be a nightmare to maintain.

For example, sourcing the right products to clean it or spending yearly on waxing, polishing or sanding services. 

Ensuring your floors last can turn into a full-time task. Luckily, polished concrete is wonderfully easy to maintain, as it only requires some water and a simple cleaner to stay looking great. You needn’t worry about waxing or polishing as polished concrete never loses its gloss level. It’s also remarkably durable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about making any scratches or marks when moving furniture. Polished concrete can last for years, so if you would like a solution that lasts that long, Concrete Polishing Perth is the one.

You can use flooring mats or slip-resistant tape to make it really safe for people walking around on the surface. 

Better yet, Polished concrete is also the safest option for Perth Residents suffering from allergies. Dust mites and other annoying allergens cannot spread as well  as they can on other surfaces such as carpets.

You may be constructing a new house or want to replace the old floors in one you are renovating. Polished concrete Perth is the material you need. 

Heres a little tip, if you’re constructing a house and would love polished concrete, let the building team know asap. They’ll make sure to use a high-quality concrete with the qualities necessary for an excellent polished finished.

Polished concrete can also be installed in existing houses. If the existing slab is in great condition, it will require less work by our Concrete Contractors Perth to transform it into an incredible polished floor.

Polished concrete is a beautiful flooring option for homes and businesses alike. 

It has a superb level of gloss, raising natural light in any room. It is also really custom, as you can choose the level of reflectivity you want for your floor.

If you would like a matte finish you can mention this to our Concrete services Perth team. They will give the floor a grit level between 100 and 400. A highly polished finish that is like a mirror, can bedone with a grit level of at least 800.

Honestly so happy with the service I received. My floor looks unreal and it is the highlight of my new home. The level of attention to detail that the team has is second to none.
Jen Knowles
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