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Polished Concrete Floors Perth
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Head-turning Polished Concrete Floors Perth

Do you desire to have the most amazing polished concrete floor for your residence or commercial space?

Flawless Polished Concrete Perth possess all the solutions! We are here to assist you discover the ideal flooring to suit your style and funds. Furthermore, the extremely skilled and expert staff have polished hundreds of concrete floors everywhere in Australia. We guarantee you will receive the best recommendation for your plan. Our long list of client reviews supports our dedication to excellence and customer service.

Our Concrete Polishing Floors Perth service

We endeavour to provide Perth residents with a comprehensive variety of services to both domestic and business customers, with the knowledge to supply personalised guidance to each, respectively. Our designs range in scope from as little as 1m2 to 10,000m2.

We administer a series of various finishes and styles to accommodate any space. Our Concrete services are performed on new builds as well as existing concrete that requires renovations.

When you choose Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth for your concrete floor polishing needs you receive:

  • Access to a completely equipped and accredited team of specialists with a clear focus on excellence
  • Great value for money with choices for all styles and budgets
  • Free no-obligation quotes

The Perfect Polished Concrete Floors Perth Process!

Polished concrete floors, with their various excellent applications, is a popular flooring option today. This kind of flooring solution in Perth offers many benefits to houses, business establishments and also industrial constructions.

If you are considering investing in concrete finishes, burnished concrete floors or indeed a concrete driveway Perth, you will be required to obtain a qualified professional. Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth will ensure a top-notch shine and long-lasting beauty.

There are numerous different polishing varieties to decide. Some favour a satin-like surface while others prefer a high-gloss finish. It really depends solely on your likings and the specifications of your property. Here, at Flawless Concrete Polishing Perth, we think you ought to discover and learn precisely how polished concrete floors are made. The method of polishing a concrete floor needs five steps.


Step 1 – Grinding

Grinding the concrete is the initial measure of producing a polished concrete floor. The grinding is performed by utilising grits 30, 70 and 120. Following this, resin pads of 0, 100 and 200 grit to achieve a slightly smooth finish. 

Step 2 – Densifier and stains Application

The following step in the method, is the grinding with 200 grit after the resin has cured, is the application of stains and densifier. Depending on your specifications, any kind of dye or stain can be utilised to produce a subtle coloured concrete impression. If it is required, a concrete densifier can be applied at this step.

Step 3 – Honing Concrete Floors

Following step 2, the concrete surface requires a polish with a 400-grit resin. Therefore, this is the step of the method in where an excellent shine will start to develop. Depending on the preferred resin grit, the purity and shine of the polish will fluctuate. Discuss with your polished concrete services Perth professional to determine the best resin grit to suit your precise specifications.

Step 4 – Polishing Concrete

The following step, is that the concrete can be polished more. Most likely, with resin grits 800, 1,500 and 3,000. Depending on the kind of gloss you fancy, you can proceed with the final resin methods. Furthermore, if you continue through to the 3,000 grit resin, your Polished Concrete floors will have a near mirror-like gloss for a high-shine surface.

Step 4 – Finished Product

The last step is the application of a burnishing pad once all the polishing steps are accomplished. Therefore, it will dress up the final concrete floor and generate a bit of added shine.

As it is obvious, installing a beautiful polished concrete floor is no easy task. In order to make sure that you get the best value for your money; contact us at Flawless concrete polishing Perth with all of your polished concrete relevant inquiries. 

Honestly so happy with the service I received. My floor looks unreal and it is the highlight of my new home. The level of attention to detail that the team has is second to none.
Jen Knowles
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